In Which I Write About Flip Flops in February

In Which I Write About Flip Flops in February

Every year our family packs up the car, takes three ferries and endures the smell of dog breath for about 12 hours to spend a week soaking up the sun and exploring the beaches for treasures on the sunshine coast.  Wandering around on wet sand wreaks havoc on the highly supportive shoes I have get to wear because I have one leg shorter than the other.

When I first found out that I would have to wear ugly sensible shoes until the end of time I called my BFF and had a meltdown.

“I’m going to look like an old lady!” I moaned.  “And flip flops!  What about flip flops!  They’re lost to me forever!”

You’ve read about my shoe woes before.  Orthotics and summer do not generally combine to create something pretty.  Not to mention cleaning water and sand out of my insoles is gross and makes my (very expensive) shoes stink.

Also, a bikini matched up with  structured running shoe is just not cute! (Unless of course you’re participating in a triathlon, which I can assure you I’m not).

I’m supposed to wear my supportive, sturdy shoes everywhere and only take them off when I’m showering or sleeping.

Confession time!  Sometimes I cheat.  If I’m at the pool or the beach I ditch my clunky leather closed toe sandals and embrace the luxurious freedom of flip flops.

The flip flops I usually buy are $5 Wal-mart specials, but those suck!  I mean really here I am dragging my kids to the back of a store, that I don’t particularly love, to  buy cheap crappy shoes that, even with the limited amount I wear them, still fall apart at the end of the season.

Seriously I write about minimalism and here I am cluttering up the landfills with cheap, nasty flip flops.  Time to practice what I preach over here.  Well made should pretty much always trump low-cost.

This year I’m planning that my flip flops will be worthy of a bigger chunk of change in exchange for a more quality shoe that will last longer.


Click the picture above to see all of the cute black flip flops Girl Two Doors Down has available on their website!

I’m pretty excited to have come across such versatile black flip flops from Girl Two Doors Down.  (Because if you’re planning to only have 1 pair then versatile is definitely what you want).  So excited in fact that I am telling you about them in February while sipping tea and staring out the window at the abundance of snow still in my yard.

Untitled design (39)

I’m daydreaming about summer.  Frolicking in the surf wearing my fun black flip flops, feeling all cute and sparkly (did you see the added bling on those beauties! Looovely!) Picture it with me!  Pretty painted toes running to and fro in the warm salty water.  Not worrying about whether or not the bread tag I have securing the toe piece to the sole of my shoe will hold up or not. (True story folks!  I should have learned my lesson about cheap flip flops then and there).

I’ve traded in a ton of my bargain basement wardrobe for more durable, classic pieces and I’m definitely looking forward to adding a pair of  black flip flops from Girl Two Doors Down to my capsule closet.

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