Three Things Thursday- Road Trippin’

The beginning of this summer’s story actually happened in the late winter.  Well before I ever knew it was beginning.  That’s often how our stories start isn’t it?  Without us even realizing that this moment we are in is the commencement of something big and wonderful.

The day this story started one of my coffee group friends was over for (surprise! surprise!) coffee.  We didn’t know each other very well then, but knowing about my acute case of wanderlust she suggested that we buy an R.V. and hit the road.


Hopefully I hid the “Oh hell no!”  that was running through my brain when I said “Uh no.  I don’t camp.”

Fast forward a few months and I can report that we have just spent 10 days sleeping in our motor home touring our beautiful province.  AND we have another big road trip in the works.

Am I loving it?  Yes.  Am I struggling with it?  Yes.

Here are three things I have learned while living in a tin can on wheels with my family of 6:

There is a Learning Curve

And it might be as steep as the bloggy/homeschool friend’s driveway that we managed to spin our wheels in for two hours while the dads of the families tried different tactics to get us up and moving.  We are extremely thankful for graciousness during this incident.

I am reminded again and again about common humanity.  We are not alone in our problems.  Someone else has had the same struggles we’re having.  Nobody starts out an expert and nobody has it all figured out.

The labyrinth is thoroughly known. ~Joseph Campbell

We’ve also been getting creative with the supplies we have on hand to restrain the baby so we don’t repeat the oatmeal episode pictured below.

We Are Pavement Campers

Alas we do not have a love for exploring the back country.  Give us an R.V. park or boondocking spot not too far off the beaten path (by that I mean highway or city street) and we are much happier campers.  We have a fondness for exploring farmer’s markets, bakeries and artisan shops.  If there is a sign for homemade perogies along the way you can bet we will pull over and load up.   Our favorite hiking trails have been short and not too far out of the way.  We like amenities with our adventures.

That perogie in the top left is stuffed with yam, ham and gouda. Seriously the most amazing perogie I have EVER tasted! Other goodies are from various local bakeries. (Cupcake from Modern Bakery in Revelstoke, Raspberry cheesecake chocolate from Jennifer’s Chocolate Shop in Nakusp. Apple strudel from Landmark Bakery in Kaslo.

We're Living The Dream

I have often found myself wanting to move on to the next place, thing to see, sweet treat, with an unnecessary urgency.  To counteract this I have been pausing to just look around at the moment happening in my midst.  Taking in the sounds of my children as they scramble over rocks or dig giant holes in the sand.  I linger at an information plaque and read the whole thing before moving on to another exhibit.

I try to remind myself that this is it.  This is the fruit of your longing and careful intention.  To fill our lives with experiences and make memories.  Pay attention, soak it all up because right now, this very second you are in the middle of living the dream.

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  • Jeanine says:

    Ha! Love it! I can’t count the times while camping, or traveling, that we have had to help or be helped out of a sticky situation. Humanity really is great. But you never did say where you found those perogies…I need more info ?

  • I have a bunch of boys – and we have never camped! LOL What an adventurer you are! I’ve had to teach myself to slow down, soak intentionally in this parenting experience. I’ve learned to be quiet, sit back and listen to my sons talk to each other – no other entertainment compares! My husband wants to RV out West! Shaking in my boots!

    • Sarah says:

      Honestly I love being in the R.V. way more than I thought I would. There is an excitement in me when the engine starts up and we head off to our next destination. You can do it. Also I have never camped with my kids previous to this year in our motor home.

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