Thankful Thursday # 89


Celebrate Gratitude

Happy Thursday!  The day I post about being thankful and share with you a list of what I’m grateful for from the past week.  I hope you’ll tell me what you’re thankful for too!  This week I’m thankful for:

New jammie pants

When we went away on vacation a little while ago I accidentally left a load of laundry in the washer.  As my children put it, “it smells like 40 people took a dump and left it here for 6 months.”  (They got that lovely comparison from their hilarious auntie).  Nearly everything was salvaged with a second washing, but not my favorite jammies.  The nasty sour laundry smell hung on to them.  Now I have since had various people tell me about various home remedies for getting that smell out.  Truth be told I am 8 months pregnant and I don’t want to deal with things that make me gag right now.  So I pitched them and bought myself new favorite jammies.  They are so soft and the big cuffs at the bottom keep them in place while I’m sleeping and they are so pretty that I don’t feel weird wearing them outside on the deck in the morning.


Free concerts.

Craig and I took in a free summer concert at Sun Peaks.  Alan Doyle and the Beautiful Gypsies was playing.  This was one outing right up my alley.  The music was brilliant.  A mix of slow and soulful, upbeat and fun and a touch of romance.  The crowd was my kinda people.  Since I’m pretty much a ball of no energy right now it was nice to stay in my chair and be surrounded by a group of ladies who brought their knitting to the concert.  I think I might be getting old.


Our community fair. 

We live in a wee little place, so pretty much any event here is a big deal.  Some amazingly ambitious people put together our community’s third(?) annual country fair.  Vendors, food, horse agility shows, face painting and more.  It gets better every year.  Plus there was snow cones and I’m pretty sure we all know how I feel about crushed ice right now.


The library.

Our family has a veracious reading habit and without the library I would not be able to afford to keep us all satiated with books.  There are 8 new books in my to read pile and 7 of them are from the library, not to mention all of the books my children have borrowed this week.  Yay for free literature available for borrow!


Auntie is here!

Auntie is my beloved far away sister friend in case you aren’t aware.  An hour in to her visit with us and she was already straightening my girls hair and pulling out snacks for me.  There was also a before bedtime shoulder rub for me last night.  Yay for Auntie!

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Now it’s your turn!  Leave me a comment and tell me what you’re feeling especially thankful for this week. 🙂

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