Thankful Thursday #87


It’s Thankful Thursday!  I love Thursdays and hearing about all of the things that you are grateful for from the past week.  This week I am thankful for:

Silly little sock sorters.

My children each go a package of new socks from Costco, but they were told they were not allowed to wear them until our giant sock basket was sorted and matched.  The girls got right to work, because you know new socks were at stake here.  Some of their little shenanigans were quite precious.


Cabin life. 

It was such a treat to spend last Friday with my big sister, her husband and her totally fantastic kiddos.  The cousins played together so well event though they rarely see each other.  (Seriously need to change that).  The food was gourmet and the conversations were lovely.  We’re making plans to actually stay the night next year.  (Although camping with a baby sounds daunting).


Photo Credit: John Bowers (my dad)

Photo Credit: John Bowers (my dad)


In true Scott family fashion we spur of the moment decided to head to a neighboring town and attend their corn on the cob festival.   The highlights were the shaved ice vendor, my kiddos spending their own money and treats they wanted, listening to some pretty skookum local talent at an outdoor concert and playing at the beach.



The home stretch.

I’m on week 31 and I’m pretty excited to get ready for baby and meet him soon(ish)  Only 8 and a half weeks until my due date! Somebody remind me that I said that in mid October.  Or don’t because you might get slapped.


Kid dates.

Hudson and I went running shoe shopping and out for tacos.  I love that he is 10 and still so stinking cute.  I love that he eats more than I do.  I love that he agrees to selfies with me.  He’s just this really great affectionate wonderful kid.


Now it’s your turn.  Leave me a comment and tell me what you’re thankful for this week.

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