Thankful Thursday #86

Thankful Thursday Berries

It’s Thankful Thursday!  I love Thursdays and hearing about all of the things that you are grateful for from the past week.  This week I am thankful for:

Pond picnics.

My dad has a cute little pond in his back yard.  It was just the most perfect place to have lunch after my midwife appointment.  Sandwiches and sunshine in our own little private garden space in the middle of the city.  The girls brought their Littlest Petshop Toys to play with in the yard as well.  It was the perfect backdrop for their tiny animal adventures.


Netflix and crochet.

Craig went to Ribfest (a local event downtown) with a friend one night, so once the kids were all tucked in I climbed into my bed and binged on some Mindy Project and worked on baby 4’s mommy blanket.  A guilty little pleasure that I had no problem soaking up for an evening.


Afternoon snuggles.

We have something at our house called F.O.B. it stands for flat on bed.  If my smaller humans appear to be in a good mood they get to do something quiet on their beds (like reading a book or playing with small toys) if it’s been a rough morning then I mandate an hour of rest (that’s code for nap).  One afternoon after 50 minutes of resting this little cute face came into my room (mama has F.O.B. to ya know) and just wanted to snuggle a little with me.  You got it kid.  Sweetness will work in your favor nearly every time.


Golden Plums

My friend Julie came over and she brought plums for me!  There was a bucket of purple plums with three little golden plums on top.  My first bite into one of those yellow nuggets of sunshine confirmed that the other two golden plums also belong to me.  Once I finished off my triple dose of eye rolling juicy sweetness I needed more!  So I went to a local produce store the next day and bought like a dozen.  What was I thinking!  12 is not enough!


The library.

Going to the library is like shopping.  But it’s better because most of the things your kids ask to take home you can say yes. A couple of books? Yes! A sticker? Yes! A coloring page? A bookmark? Yes! Yes!  And then most of it gets returned in a few weeks and you get to be the world’s best mom all over again!  Win, win, win!


Kind, caring, kids.

The other morning I woke up feeling yucky.  I had not slept well the night before, I was queasy, and I just needed to stay in bed longer.  I had promised my kiddos pancakes for breakfast, but I just couldn’t deliver on that promise.  Luckily I have an amazing 10 year old.  He made a pot of oatmeal for himself and his sisters and even brought me a little bit with blueberries in it.  Be still my heart.  Never has any meal made me feel so loved.

Now it’s your turn.  Leave me a comment and tell me what you are thankful for today.

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