Thankful Thursday #85

Celebrate Gratitude

Last week on Thursday I was leaving on a week long trip to Montana to visit (and meet) family.  This week I am thankful to be home.  I am also thankful for some pretty fantastic neighbors who cared for our house and animals while we were away.  This watermelon smuggler felt very loved to walk into a house with clean floors.

This week I’m also thankful for:

Peaceful spaces.

We stayed in this house made of glass in the trees and it was soul feeding.  I wish we could have stayed longer.  One of the best Airbnb accommodations ever.  I curled up in this couch and crocheted a morning away while listening to a podcast.  Sigh such luxury.


Pretty mugs. 

This much doesn’t belong to me.  It was in one of the homes we stayed in last week.  I do love sipping my coffee or tea from just the right mug though.  There is something about a much matching my personality that makes what ever is in it taste better.


Amusement parks.

Even though I couldn’t go on the rides I really loved watching Delaney in all of her excitement on the rides she went on.  This child is so freaking brave.  The Red Baron was one of the tamer rides she rode, but some of the other ones she went on with her daddy were very scary.


Shaved ice.

Oh my word this cup of snow and syrup was my saving grace while we wandered around the hot hot park.  I also just love how the light in this photo makes it look heavenly.  Because it was heavenly!  Trust me!  Cold crunchy lime raspberry flavored heaven in a cup… with a color changing spoon.


Making summer memories.

We made some pretty cool stops along our journey and one I particularly loved was Millennium Park in Castlegar.  There were these awesome swimming ponds with sandy beaches and even a huge sandcastle.  A perfect spot for cooling off and munching on watermelon and fresh pineapple.



A gondola ride. 

Riding a gondola over a spillway waterfall was the only ride that I got to go on during our trip, so I soaked it up.  It really was a lovely to look down at the flowing water and out over some of the city from up so high.


Grow up cousins.

The ones who cook me meals and play with my kids and are just lovely in general.  My cousin Emily and her mom Auntie Kathy put on a fabulous spread and we all had lots of fun chatting with and getting to know our relatives.

IMG_1371 (1)

Emily and Delaney having a cartwheel competition.

Coming home again.

Vacations are fun, but so many new places and adventures (and being nearly 30 weeks pregnant) is exhausting.  I am so thankful for the comfort of home.

IMG_1376 (1)

Delaney passed out on the steps of the cabin we were staying in.

Now it’s your turn!  Tell me, what are you thankful for this week?

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