Thankful Thursday #84


It’s Thursday!  The day I look back over my week and share my list of things I am thankful for.  I hope you will play along too!  This week I am thankful for:

Baby gear!

Oh my word.  Having twin nephews who are almost a year old comes in really handy when you are pregnant with a baby boy!  My sister-in-law Elaine hooked me up with a ton of gear and clothes for this little baby I’m baking (believe me since summer finally decided to show up here I am literally baking!)  I must say that I love that there are newborn onsies with little built in mittens.  Those were not around last time I was rocking newborn life.

Not only did I score some super cute stuff, but Elaine also fed me.  She is one of my favorites.

Baby stuff!

Sharpie testers.

I think every family should have at least one person who rounds up all of the Sharpies in the house, tests them to make sure they still work and then organizes them by color.  Lucky for me I have two such willing humans.


New earrings.

I’m really more of a necklace gal, but I’ve been thinking that some cute earrings would be kind of a nice accessory.  I was pretty excited to come across Painted Faith on Etsy and scoop a couple of pairs for not a lot of cash.  My ears are so pretty!!

IMG_1315 (1)

An evening with my inlaws.

It was such a delight to spend the evening at my inlaws house on Tuesday.  I was in the midst of some heavy duty packing to get ready for a loooong road trip and being able to relax and eat yummy food that I didn’t cook (are you seeing a pattern here?  Want to show up on my thankful Thursday list?  FEED ME!) was bliss.

 My mother in law also just happened to have a pair of sandals on hand that fit Delaney perfectly and that saved me from the errand of buy new sandals that night as well.  Saweet!

Nana and the kiddos having a balancing contest.

Nana and the kiddos having a balancing contest.

Happy mail.

If you get my newsletter you will know that I am participating in a postcard exchange called love notes.  This is round 2 for me and I am loving it!  Pretty postcards in the mailbox with inspirational notes on them is such a ray of sunshine.  My current partner sent me this one and I just think it’s so cheerful.

IMG_1319 (1)

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me about what you’re thankful for this week.  Happy Thursday!

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