Thankful Thursday #83 (The Saturday Afternoon Edition)

Celebrate Gratitude

It’s Thursday! (No it’s not!  It’s actually Saturday and I’m okay with that).  Time to celebrate and be thankful for the past week. This week I am thankful for:

A Visit from a Far Away Friend.

My dear friend Twyla and her kiddos came to stay with us for 3 nights.  Surprisingly it did not feel like 10 people were living in my house.  Children played. Adults conversed.  And the moms even managed to escape and browse Chapters and Value Village for a couple of hours.  Bliss I tell you!  Bliss! (Note to self… take more pictures when friends come to visit!!!)

Free Live Music.

Every night in the summer our city has music in the park.  On Saturday we had the privilege of listening to the amazing Sabrina Weeks.  I love watching my kids groove to different types of music that we might not always listen to at home.


Project Time.

My fournado has so much enthusiasm for anything I call a project.  (Except cleaning her room).  We have daily project time when we are home during the day to help break up the time and keep her little brain from thinking up mischievous schemes.  Paint and toilet paper rolls for the win this week!


Best Friend Siblings

As much as they can get on each other’s nerves, my kids really are best friends.  They play together, look out for one another and navigate the fine line between helping and taking over.  It’s amazing how a rainy day can force some bored kids to work together and build something fantastic from a big bucket of blocks.


Cloth Diapers.

I’m actually slightly terrified of the prospect of becoming a cloth diapering mama… but I am thrilled at how cute some of these diapers that I ordered are!  Lord have mercy when they become a real biohazard.


Easy Homemade Toys.

Pom pom poppers made with a balloon and a paper cup for the win!  These were easy to make and they provided hours of entertainment.  First was the novelty of making the pom poms fly.  Then there was the hunt to find the pom poms in our long grass.  Then there was the experimenting to see what else they could shoot out of their cups.  All of this equaled plenty of afternoon reading time for this mama.


Science World.

Craig had a little bit of extra time off so we took a quick trip south and spent a day at Science World.  They have a particularly cool spy exhibit happening right now that was really fun to participate in.

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Now it’s your turn.  Leave me a comment and tell me what you’re thankful for this week.

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