Thankful Thursday #81


Yay!  It’s Thursday again!  My favorite blogging day of the week. This week I am thankful for:


I often fear that my creativity will run out, but the truth is the world is full of an abundance of ideas.  Even if we believe all of the good ideas are taken, they’re not.  Because they haven’t been given our own personal flair.  Someone else may have done it, but not the same way I will.

Plus I’m thankful for pretty notebooks and pencils and pens to brainstorm with.

IMG_1159 (1)


Delaney and I spent a morning just sorting buttons.  Then we broke out the pipe cleaners and she made beautiful bracelets with just the “hole on the back” buttons.  So cute.

IMG_1154 (1)

Tween Conversations

I adore listening to Hudson’s ideas and explanations.  One of his favorite things to talk about is the book he is currently reading.  In the photo below he is painting his bat house and talking to me about the next steps he needs to take to finish it all up.  Then he will hang it on the perfect tree and put the bat house sign that he wood burned above it.  I like this phase.


Chocolate Sauce and Cake

I love this recipe so so much!  It’s easy, it tastes good with ice cream, it can be modified to be dairy free, it’s already egg free so my allergy kid can eat it.  It almost makes up for the fact that I am not sipping boozy slushy drinks on my deck this summer.  Almost.


 Fresh Fruit

I have never been a fruity person really.  Sure if it was baked in a pie or some muffins I would eat it.  Right now I can’t get enough fruit.  Every other day I am texting Craig before he comes home from work “bring home berries!”  Or watermelon or nectarines.  Is that grape in your hand?  Be careful!  I just might bite it!  I am so happy to be craving fruit in June.


Now it’s your turn!  Tell me, what are you thankful for this week?

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