That One Time I Was an Awesome Parent

Ermagosh this parenting gig is hard!  Please forgive past me.  I confess that when I only had one little boy who played quietly and slept all night long, I falsely concluded that I had it all together and was a self proclaimed parenting expert.

Fast forward 11 years and three more kids.  I now have a five year old that I last year affectionately called my fournado.  A change in age is the only reason I have abandoned that nick name.  My 8 year old can shoot a scary glare like nobody else I know.  The sweet boy I began my parenting journey with is still sweet, but he also has all of these big emotions swirling around in him.  And the baby is a midnight snacker, and a 1:30 am snacker, and a 3 am snacker and a 5 am first breakfaster.

I’m no longer an expert.

Just a mid-thirties mama waving a white flag over here.

Because this job is so hard and we moms often feel like we are failing and Pinterest feed all of our insecurities, I think it’s really important to celebrate our parenting wins.  Tooting our own horn is a little way to boost our confidence and put a little strut in our stride.

Moms do better when they feel better.

In the spirit of sharing our victories I give you:

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I told a little fib.

Yup I am tooting my own horn for lying to my kid.  Hear me out though.

There was some sort of tag game ensuing and a dispute broke out over who was “it” or who tagged who or some other vitally important tag play.  It was suggested that the 2 kiddos involved play rock paper scissors to settle the argument.

My 8 year old melted.

“I’m horrible at rock paper scissors.” she screech wailed (yes that is an actual noise).  Cue insta-sobs.

This was a little awkward since her opponent was a visiting child and not one of her siblings.

We climbed up on to her top bunk together and waited out the fury.

When the screech wailing turned into shallow breathing and sniffles I whispered in her ear ” I know a secret to playing rock paper scissors.” (Notice I did not say I know a secret for WINNING rock paper scissors, just playing rock paper scissors).

I told her about all the times her daddy had beaten me at rock paper scissors when the stakes were really high.  We were playing to see who would change the baby’s crappy diaper.  It is nearly impossible to be a good sport when you lose the game and have to face the stench of doom afterward.

And then I revealed my secret strategy.  (Which I actually made up on the fly while sitting on that top bunk.) “Always make the game best out of three and think up the pattern your going to play.”

I gave her a very serious look and nodded my head so she would think I was legit.

This little crock of a tip for a game of chance had a very unexpected outcome.

Whether she wins best 2 or not my girl is excited to have won at least 1 of the draws.  She is no longer defeated by the belief that she is horrible at rock paper scissors, but can find joy in losing by rejoicing in one win!

Plus she gives me little side glances when she’s playing rock paper scissors.  You know just to remind me that we are the only two who knows mom’s secret.

Now it’s your turn!  Tell me about a parenting victory you’ve had.  It doesn’t matter if it’s from yesterday or 10 years ago.  Let’s toot out own horns!

P.S. Apparently there are real ways to up your chances of winning rock paper scissors.  You can read about it here.

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  • amette says:

    Oh my, but I loved the first line of this blog! Today was a DAY…again. And what a great idea, tooting our own horns! I love your strategy – clever, and on the fly at that! You go…

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