On Turning 35

I love my birthday! My birthday is my favorite day of the year!  If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you will probably see a chronicle of my special day from what I ate for breakfast to the chocolates I will sneak before bed.  It’s awesome!

Luckily my family is well aware of the fact that I love celebrating my birthday SO MUCH!!!

But birthdays do not come without some deep feelings of life is passing by so quickly.  35? Really? Didn’t I just graduate from high school last year?

Thirty five sounds like an age when I am supposed to be a responsible adult, so why do I still feel like a 12 year old hoping for adult approval sometimes?

My dad posted a familiar quote on Facebook 3 days ago.

I will never regret getting old.I know too many people who never had the privilege.

Am I old?  I don’t think so.  I am definitely not a spring chicken either though.  I am a summer hen.

I gather my flock close to me.  I cherish time spent basking in the sun (although my basking is frequently interrupted) and I am comfortable in my own feathers (er skin, most of the time).

The thoughts that life is short do come creeping in to my mind.  Life is short and I don’t want to waste it.  It’s taken me thirty five years to get here, which is both the blink of an eye and an eternity.

Thirty five years and I am still learning, growing and changing.  That is a good thing.  When you stop being able to shift things in your life, it’s over.

Perhaps forty year olds are shaking their heads at me.  Maybe fifty year olds are clicking their tongues and thinking “You’re still so young.”

I don’t disagree.  I probably have oodles to experience still.

The thought lingers and reminds me that I am 1/2 way to seventy now and if I arrive at the next 35 years of my life and quickly as I arrived at the first, then I must be mindful of how I am spending that time.

I will hopefully gauge my success on my last eve of being 69 as I reflect on all of my years.  Have I striven to love well?  Was I kind?  Did I leave behind the things that were not beautiful, meaningful or useful to make room for what really counts in my life?  Was I present?

Let’s travel back to right now.  Thirty-five year-old me is the most kick-ass, awesome me that there ever was.

At no other time in my life gave I ever felt so confident that if I make a mistake it will all be OK. I can create and take risks and fail and everything will still be just fine. I am more committed to my well being and caring for my physical, spiritual and mental health than I ever have been.

The real me is on display and I am OK with being not your flavour, because fake is not my flavour.

Here’s to 35 trips around the sun and many more to some.  May they be full of learning, health, love and kindness.

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