5 Things I Learned Playing The Minimalism Game

Sometimes I feel like my house is just is just so lovely and decluttered.  The cupboards are nearly bare and the drawers are so easy to navigate through.  I rarely have trouble finding things anymore.  And all of my surfaces are wide open with nothing on them.

And then I wake up.

It’s seriously discouraging some days to look around this place and think to myself “will this minimizing business ever end!!??”

So back in February 2016 I put out a call on social media to find some folks who might want to play a game with me.  It’s called the Minimalism Game.  Here’s the gist.  On day 1 your get rid of one thing.  On day 2 you get rid of two things and so on until day 30 when you toss 30 things.

Miraculously 16 people said “Yes!  We will play this game with you!”  And we all started sorting and tossing on March 1 2016

In the beginning I thought this challenge would be a piece of cake, but I learned a few things along the way that I hadn’t anticipated.


You will not play this game and then be decluttered forever.

Round two of the Minimalism Game is starting in our house and that’s cool.  We’re all a work in progress.  Not a finished masterpiece.  It’s a journey.  (Think about the joy and pain of a family road trip.  It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, but it’s worth it.)

Don’t let excuses stop you.  

There is never a perfect time to start anything, so jump right in.  Even if you foresee an obstacle later in the month (maybe a medical procedure or an out of town trip) you can plan around it or be OK with skipping those days.  You’re space will be better with whatever effort you are able to give is than if you never started.

People are kind and encouraging.

Not a single person in our minimalism game group ever said ” Get it together! Just throw out your crap! Don’t be so lazy.”  Maybe they were all thinking it, but everyone has been gracious enough to keep it to themselves.

Untitled design (45)

I am not nearly as sentimental as I thought.

For real!  I’ve gotten rid of yearbooks and old letters.  Journals and photographs.  Not a tear was shed over these things and I have an entire empty Rubbermaid tote available.  Hmm not that I want to fill a giant plastic container with anything.  I am minimizing you know.

My kids totally come through for me.  

If I needed just 4 more items to make my daily quota (which I did not make every day let me tell you) they would run to their bedrooms and come out with clutter to add to the pile and champion the cause.  They are brilliant human beings.

All in all the Minimalism Game was a great way to create a community to cheer for one another as we sent our unneeded items to new homes (be that the garbage bin or the thrift store).  I’m actually looking forward to starting it again.

Wanna play along?  Join the Facebook group and start posting pictures and tossing your stuff February 1 2017.

Have you ever played the Minimalism Game?  Leave me a comment and tell me about your experience.

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  • Caroline Hay says:

    So glad I found your blog… found your link on becomingminimalist.com. My family is starting a journey to minimalism and I just love your posts and the inspiration! Thanks! Stop by sometime! <3 🙂

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