I’m Not That Kind of Mama (But I’m Loved Anyway)

Recently I was reading aloud to my children from an art curriculum.  Two questions came up in the writing.  Do you like to be around your mother when she is quietly working?  Is it a good time to talk and be alone with her?

All three kiddos had a confused expression on their faces,  they looked at each other with wide eyes, the vigorously shook their heads NO!

Not exactly the answer the book was looking for, but the truth none the less.  I am not that kind of mama.  If I’m working leave me alone.  Let me focus on what I’m doing.  Unless you are in dire need, save your story for later.

If you are capable of being totally silent and I do mean silent.  Don’t even breath too loud.  Then you are welcome in my office while I am writing.  You may curl up beside me and read while I am crocheting, but for the love of my sanity do not interrupt my quiet time with ear piercing page turning or out you go.

So far not a single one of my family members is capable of such hushed standards.

Now lest you think I am insane, I mean really I do have four children and we are homeschoolers, I do hunker down and endure piano practice everyday.  I also breathe deeply through the running and jumping games in my house.

I usually only seek out quiet work time when my husband is home or when I am reaching a tipping point where I may just fall off the edge of sanity and everybody just needs to go to the other end of the house and watch Netflix.

My family knows that a happy, refreshed mama is one who has had some quiet creative time.  This fact has the potential to trigger all sorts of mommy guilt.  Something I must put in deliberate effort to combat.

Carved out chunks of peace and quiet are a NEED I have.  It’s not just a frivolous quirk.  If I have neglected alone time I actually notice my thoughts are scrambled and I am less able to make simple decision.  “Do you want a cup of tea?” becomes a very complicated question.  This causes some panic and frustration.  I get overwhelmed.  Solo work time is a strong weapon I use to slay the cranky dragon.

I believe I am a highly sensitive person.  It’s very difficult for me to function when there is too much noise or activity around me.  I don’t like to listen to music while I’m doing other tasks.  Of course the radio gets turned off in the car so I can find my location easier.  I must be very intentional about what I am doing during my children’s piano practice so I don’t blow my top and curl up in a ball of frustration.  Cooking and cleaning during these times is much better than trying to read a book or concentrate on an e-course.

If I’m hungry, watch out!  Hangry is a very real sympton of the overly stimulated and under-fed.

I’m not the kind of mama who works on projects while little ones play at my feet and ply me with 1000 questions per minute.  This my children know about me.  And I’m loved anyway.



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  • Rosanna says:

    This post is exactly me! I’m also a homeschooler and I also don’t do well with a lot of noise, but I put up with endless running, jumping, and the piano practices of two very enthusiastic girls. We intentionally carve out quiet times throughout our days and that really helps.

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