How I Plan to Keep Learning in 2016

How I Plan to Keep Learning in 2016

As a homeschool mom, one of my goals is to instill a love of learning in my children.  I want them to thirst for knowledge and to understand that complete wisdom is something never fullt achieved.  Learning never stops and we have the power to acquire new skills and tidbits of information on a daily basis.

It’s been rumored that the best way to teach something is by example.  (Don’t worry this isn’t the only method I use to instruct my keen young pupils).  Erring on the side of truth with this particular claim I am letting my kiddos see me actively learning.

Another side of being a homeschool mom is that there is some lack in the freedom I have during the day.  Taking classes in a lecture hall just doesn’t fit in with the other goals I have for my life right now.

Don’t mistake my words.  I LOVE my kids.  I am thankful for the opportunity I have to stay at home and educate them.  But I also don’t want my brain to atrophy while I wait for them to grow up so I can carry on with my own education.

Online courses have become the perfect fit for learning in front of (and alongside) my children.

At the beginning of January I stumbled across Udemy.  In case you haven’t heard of Udemy let me fill you in.

Udemy is this super cool website full of online courses.  You can learn nearly anything from dance to web development.  The best part is you can watch the instructional videos while you’re chopping vegetables in your kitchen or while your children are having quiet time (please someone send me to a course on how to get your children to successfully stay quiet during quiet time).


The first Udemy course I took was, Anger Management Shortcuts taught by Ken Wells.  (Let’s just say things around here have been a little stressful lately and I felt the need to be proactive when it came to my attitude…. ahem.)

The course was super easy to navigate.  There is a complete list of all the lectures and quizzes as well as pages for curriculum, discussions, and announcements in a top menu.  Each video flows into the next so you don’t even have to  mess with back buttons and pressing play and all of those rather annoying things.


This is for the next course I’m starting on using Canva. Fun!

You can also download each of the lectures so that you have them on the go and can watch a video or two while you’re waiting outside your kids piano lesson. (Or dare I suggest taking your sweet time in the bathroom?)


The videos I’ve watched have been very successful at holding interest and don’t seem over edited.  You have the option to speed them up if you find that the voices and movements are a little slooow.  But again I didn’t find them to be boring in the least.


This is also a shot from the next course on my list on using Canva.

Right now I want to learn more about web design, watercolor painting, strengthening relationships and graphic design.  Quite the eclectic variety of knowledge to collect.

I’ve been stock piling courses on my wishlist because I had some insider information that Udemy would be having a big sale and I get to tell you all about it!  You get to make 2016 your year!  Udemy courses are $10US until Friday!

This is a huge discount.  Some of these courses have a regular price tag of $300.

01262016-10usd-sitewide 728x90

Click on this photo for the $10USD deal!

I recommend that you hoard a bunch of courses because this is the last time they will be offered at such a low price and you have life time access to any course you buy!  (This may be the only time I recommend hoarding anything so you best take that advice quick).

Just click the above photo to get the $10USD deal and start filling your head will all sorts of learning.

Tell me… what do you want to learn in 2016?  Have you ever taken a course online?

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