It’s been a very long time since I last wrote an edition of Currently, and I think it’s well past time we had a good catch up.  January has been pretty exciting here on the blog with  posts about how to love yourself and practice being calm to be a better mom.  Let’s take a little time to get a bit personal and behind the scenes now.

Reading… Right this minute on my nightstand is Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff.  I’m only 1/2 way through Chapter 3 and I’ve already taken 7 pages of notes.  Alas this is the plight of borrowing self help books from the library.  You can’t underline and makes notes in the margins.

I’m also reading Orphan #8 by Kim van Alkemade.  It’s about a Jewish Orphan in New York who had X-ray medical experiments performed on her.  I am making it a habit to read fiction before bed that is not too graphic, but still a captivating story.  Orphan #8 fits that criteria so far.

Lastly I just finished the audio version of Small Victories by Anne Lamott.  What a book.  It is honest and deep and spiritual with a whole bunch of kick-ass brave and laugh out loud funny.  A truly heart filling memoir.

Watching… I am sad to report that I have just finished all of the seasons of Shetland that Netflix has to offer. Here’s why I loved it.  It’s a BBC Murder Mystery show set in Scotland.  (I need not say more, but I will go on).  The characters are very believable and I can relate to them.  Lots of the twists are unexpected and very clever.  And it’s not gruesome.  Plus did I mention BBC and Scotland?

Of course I’m keeping up with Jane the Virgin as well, because who isn’t?

Listening… I have become a Casey O’Roarty fan girl.  I know I’ve mentioned the Joyful Courage Podcast here on the blog before, but oh my goodness listen to that lady!  It honestly feels like Casey is your best friend who tells you that she’s been where you’ve been and she will support you in changing the ways you show up as a parent and creating better personal practices to facilitate that.  She’s not a parenting expert from a lab.  She’s a real life mom with credentials and street cred.

Also listening to the Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher.  She is a wealth of information on business and blogging.  Super motivational with easy steps you can take to up your online game.

Eating… Greens.  I have been working on a habit of eating greens with every meal.  My typical breakfast has been a smoothie with a handful of spinach or salad greens a banana some berries and mango and some coconut milk.  Blend it up and drink it fast enough that my 2 youngest kiddos don’t see me and start begging for sips.  Also I have been making tuna boats and taco boats on romaine lettuce. And I am loving teriyaki chicken with bok choy over coconut rice.


Drinking… Umm smoothies. 🙂  Seriously though lets not even pretend that I am not a coffee guzzler.  Thankfully a friend of mine got me some Kicking Horse Half-Ass so I can drink my hot brew a little later in the day as well.

When there’s not coffee in my mug it’s usually peppermint tea or cinnamon rooibos tea from David’s Tea.

Ooh and let’s not forget my current favorite wine.  Apothic Inferno.  It’s aged in whiskey barrels and has notes of spices and maple syrup.  Basically I could add it to my morning smoothies.  (Fear not, I am not boozing it up at breakfast).

Loving… Crochet.  It’s nice when your practice pays off and your skills become quite decent.  I feel like I can confidently give away my creations as gift and they will actually be appreciated.

I’ve also discovered an affection for natural yarn dying and making felted dryer balls.  I may be a 70 year old grandma trapped in a 35 year old mom of 4 body.


Hoping… That this week of Craig being on night shift goes smoothly.  Night shift always throws a wrench into our routine, so hopefully my sanity will stay in tact for the 7 days that it needs to.

Celebrating… Two whole months in our new house.  It’s been an adjustment for sure, but we have gotten used to our townie life quite quickly.  Let me tell you living five minutes from Costco is both a blessing and a curse.

Planning…  A really big trip.  We have booked our tickets and with four kiddos including a toddler we are headed to Scotland, London, Greece and Montreal this spring.  What!  I can hardly believe this dream of international travel with our family is coming true!  Stay tuned to Instagram for more details as we get closer to departure.

Starting… Bullet Journaling.  Sort of.  I’m not convinced that every little list and detail needs to be doodled and made pretty… but it has been useful for keeping a too read list, batch scheduling bloggy tasks and writing down a few monthly goals.

Discovering… I have very little time for reading real books these days.  If Gus is awake then reading anything is futile because it becomes one big game of peek-a-boo or let’s see how high I can climb on Mom’s head.  And when he’s sleeping we have school stuff to get done.  So Audio books are pretty much my jam these days.

Now it’s your turn! Answer any of the above prompts in the comments or create your own post and leave me a link!

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