How Coaching is Like A Run… With My 5 Year Old

Our family has been running together.  Mostly because this mama is reading a book called Brain Rules by John Medina and rule #1 is; exercise boosts brain power.  

I wish I could tell you that we look like svelte athletes zooming gracefully along the country roads of our neighborhood, but alas we are more like a troop of hillbilly misfits huffing and puffing our way through the couch to 5K app instructions.

If you happen to be outside in your yard when we run past you will hear me shouting to my groaning and whining 5 year old that she is strong and she can make it to the end of this run and she is super tough.  My hope is to change her thinking from this is too hard and my legs are tired to, I got this!  I’m hedging my bets on persistence paying off.

Some people might think I’m being mean dragging my obviously distraught kindergartner on a run with me.  (Really we’re only running a minute and a half at a time and I’m pushing a monster of a stroller so the speed is perfectly within her realm of capability).  I’m O.K. with looking like the bad guy here.

I know that at the end of her run she will have the reward of boosted self-esteem and she will believe a little bit more that she can do hard things and succeed.

This is what part of my coaching philosophy looks like.

(I’m not a fitness coach per say, but if that’s one of the habits you want to develop for yourself I’m willing to pour all of the habit forming knowledge I have into helping you do that.)

In the above story my five year old is doing the work.  If she wasn’t she would not get the benefit.  I approach my clients in the same way.  You are the one who needs to do the tough stuff, but I’m not just sitting back with my popcorn watching you sweat.

I’m there beside you.  Offering words of encouragement.  Helping you shift your thinking from “this is hard” to “this will make me stronger.

Sometimes when we’re tired and the hill looks really big, we forget that we have a whole reserve of awesome to pull from.  I’m here to remind you of that reserve and help you be your best.

If you have a goal in mind but you’re having trouble taking the next step.

If you don’t know what to do but you feel like you need a change.

If you want to develop some better habits and practices in your life.

I would love to work with you.  Pop on over to my coaching page and drop me a note.

photo credit: Frans Persoon To the limit… via photopin (license)

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