Clearing The Clutter of The School Room Part 1


I know not everyone has a school room, but it’s sort of like a play room, so if you have one of those hopefully you can relate.

Our school room is a place of creativity.  It’s full of books, games, art supplies and science kits.  Which makes it a prime target for chaos.


See what I mean?  Kind of embarrassing for a girl who preaches about living without clutter to be posting a picture like this.  I also advocate for vulnerability.  That means if you also have a room like this you know you’re not alone and there is a way to fix it.


The room was a huge eyesore and the mess was overwhelming.  Past Sarah would have just closed the door and ignored it.  Present Sarah has tools and a system for such huge messes though.

Step 1 Clear the room.  I took out everything that was on the floor except for big furniture and piled it in the kitchen.  Oh the hundreds of papers that were on that floor!

Next I sorted through the items that were stacked right there in the kitchen.  Things that I no longer use for teaching my children went into giveaway boxes.  I put like items together.  File folders, laminating plastic and printer paper all in the same drawers.

Once the stuff piles were organized and purged (and the school room floor was swept) I moved in only the things that are still useful to us.



Voila!  A much more usable space for learning and playing.

Part 2 of this post will be going through the things on that large cube shelf pictured above.  Games and art supplies are one of my weaknesses.

Tsh Oxenreider recently wrote a post titled Ask These 3 Questions When You’re Decluttering Toys.  Question number 3 is particularly mighty.

Do I love the idea of this toy more than my child actually loves it? 

Something I will be asking myself as I struggle to release the games and toys we no longer love.

What room is overwhelming you right now?  

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