The Best Gift I’ve Ever Given

It’s Black Friday.  The biggest shopping day of the year.  Scads of Christmas gifts are purchased on Black Friday every year.   Here in Canada we’ve jumped on the Black Friday band wagon even though our turkey day was way back in October.

The best gift I’ve ever given was not a thing.  It was an experience. I gave one to my parents and my husbands parents.  They raved about it.  My dad even cried a little at one point.

It was a Date in a Box.

date in a box cover

Date in a Box started a couple of years ago when I was talking to a friend at my kids gymnastics class.
She had gone on a professionally planned date with her husband. She told me some of the details of
what they had done and I thought “Wow! That would make a really great gift!”
When Christmas rolled around,I planned out 2 dates one for my husband’s parents, and one for mine.
They were a smashing hit and each couple had lots of fun.
The following year a friend of mine asked me if she could have the poem (which is a free printable at
the end of this tutorial) that I used to create the Date in a Box. I gladly handed it over and she put
together a date for her brother in law and his fianceé .

All you need is 3 gift cards, 3 greeting cards (with envelopes) and a box.

I’ve put together step by step instructions and printables  for Date in a Box and I would LOVE to share them with you.

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May your holidays be full of joyful memories and blissful simplicity.

Leave me a comment!  What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

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