3 Things Thursday- What’s Going On!

I have a few really exciting projects on the go right now and they are so inline with my goals of living intentionally that I wanted to update you on what’s going on in Sarah On Purpose world.


Shawna and Raj are kicking off another round of #moms30for30 and I am thrilled they have invited me and some other fabulous ladies to join them.  Wanna play too?  Here’s the gist of the challenge. Go through your clothes and pick 30 items to mix and match into various outfits for 30 days. You can make your own rule, but the general consensus is your 30 items does not include work out wear, underwear, PJ’s or accessories. Then show off your outfits on Instagram (or other social media platforms) using the hashtag #moms30for30. You can see the results of my previous #moms30for30 challenges here. 

The fun starts May 1 so get ready!

Get Prepared for Summer Guide for Moms.

Oh my word I am weeping happy tears and singing hallelujahs that the last of the snow is finally melted from our yard.  Such is the curse of a mountain dweller like me.  Long winters, but spectacular summers!

This year I am itching to make summer all sorts of fantastic and I want to help you do the same.  I’ve created a FREE email mini-guide called Get Prepared For Summer Guide for Moms (the above subtitle didn’t give that away at all right?)  It’s about having a summer of great memories and living with intention.

Together we will:
* Dream about our perfect summer day
* Create a summer bucket list
* Make some plans to streamline a few things
* And put together a chaos strategy

I hope you’ll join me! Get Prepared For Summer Guide for Moms

New Coaching Offers

Starting a coaching practice and being able to work with fellow humans who share an affinity for living life with purpose makes me so darn happy!

I’ve put together a couple of packages for my clients and I would love to for you to have a look at them.

Also I totally want to hear from you.  What kinds of coaching offers would you like to see?  What questions do you have about my coaching methods and philosophy?  Click here and fill out the form to send me a message.


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